Marine Group

Marine Group

SGS Generator & Marine Group is a well known and preferred company in shipbuilding sector with ship electrical contracting, projecting, technical service, spare parts and materials. All of our activities in the maritime sector are controlled and approved by the class organizations, especially Turkish Lloyd.

Our company has completed many Ro Ro type car ferries, special purpose cruise boats, catamaran type sea taxis, fishing vessels, passenger ships, super luxury custom designed yacht, restaurant ship, divers ship, sightseeing boat projects ; It still continues to serve valuable customers in the projects it deals with.

Our company also manufactures special purpose boat (fishing boat, service boat, business bar / barcher etc.) by taking into account the needs of the sector and directing by our customers. In particular, our research, development and preparation studies have been completed for the production and supply of all the service requests, including the fish barge / barges that fish farms will need under the new legislation, and all the equipments required for their equipping. Our company, which closely follows the changes and developments in the sector, keeps continuous training, seminars and personnel knowledgeable and dynamic without any investment to escape to meet sector needs.

We are honored to have opportunity to see you among our existing customers with the experience we have in the sector