WSH Policy

WSH Policy

Our company aims to continuously improve the performance of work health and safety, and it constitutes the basic element of our success by guaranteeing the health and safety of all our employees and people affected by our activities.

By establishing an effective Occupational Work Health and Safety Management in accordance with the applicable Occupational Work Health and Safety Management (WSH) related laws and regulations, WSH Policy is to continuously improve the WSH management system to create a reliable working environment for our employees and to constantly educate and raise awareness of our employees.

The insecure conditions and movements that can cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace and its attachments may prevent the accident risks from being identified in advance by an effective risk assessment,

To educate our employees in the field of work health and safety and to make them aware of our occupational health and safety policy,

In this respect, we commit to ensure the continuity of our WHS Management System, which has been established and is being implemented.